Tidy Books Inventory Forecasting System - TBFS

Tidy Books has developed an inventory forecasting software specifically targeted at smaller manufacturing SMEs with international business models. 

Small businesses live or die by their cash flow, and many small business struggle to manage their inventory, tying up much needed cash in stock. Despite this, many smaller SMEs currently use no system for forecasting their inventory needs other than experience and guesswork, creating an opportunity for Tidy Books to develop and market its inventory forecasting software. 

Tidy Books, with Cloud SME, will commercialise the Tidy Books Inventory Forecasting Software -TBFS by creating a cloud based version of its current software. Developed with Tidy Books’ experience as a typical small manufacturer, the inventory forecasting software will be an affordable, simple and comprehensive, monthly subscription service enabling SMEs to get in control of their stock and plan for the future.



To develop the Tidy Books Inventory Forecasting Software -TBFS into a cloud based, commercially viable product for smaller manufacturing SMEs using the Cloud SME platform and technical expertise.
To develop a commercially compelling product that will help smaller SMEs get in control of their inventory, releasing cash and with it, the potential to allow further business investment and growth in the SME sector.


Manufacturing sector: Small manufacturers and distributors in the nursery sector who have an international business model.


Involved entities: Tidy Books, Outlandish, University of Westminster


Contact: Geraldine Grandidier, Tidy Books geraldine@tidy-books.com