Simulation and Application Layer

Simulation Layer

This layer consists of simulation software solutions ported to and customised according to the requirements of the cloud-based provision, and the actual SaaS based solutions directly utilisable by the end-users.The project is porting the four widely utilised simulation software packages that are provided by core project beneficiaries: SIMUL8 by SIMUL8 Corporation, TransAT by Ascomp, 3D Scan Insole Designer by INGECON, and BFly by 2MoRO Solutions.

New simulation software provider companies and final users from the Open Call are working in new softare solutions

However, the generic nature of the design will also enable relatively easy further expansion based on interest raised by the dissemination and marketing activities of the project.

The advances beyond the state-of-the-art regarding the simulation software solutions include their specific customisation to the cloud-based service provisioning model, including both business models and functional requirements. The simulation packages are provided as a PaaS solution via the customised WS-PGRADE based PaaS platform, and also directly as SaaS, depending on end-user requirements.