High definition image analysis

2MoRO solutions and AeroDrones have developed a high definition image recognition solution. This system can be embedded onto any kind of existing system, from industrial machines to a UAV or aircrafts. Any high definition image can be analyzed in almost real time through continuous analysis or could be gathered for a delayed and grouped analysis.

This solution provide SMEs the ability to integrate an image recognition and analysis into their processes without the need of possessing the high demanding infrastructure required by this activity. Typical use cases are, quality analysis on a manufacturing products, encroachment detection, nearby detection of hazardous activities, etc.




Today SMEs aren't huge users of image recognition software. Our main goal is to leverage this solutions and reduce the inherent constraints. Our primarily work focuses on optimizing the duration of an analysis through the use of the Cloud in order to parallelize treatments. Then simplification of the usage in order to allow a easy and fast integration into existing industrial processes.


Manufacturing sector:

Manufacturing quality identification, nearby detection of hazardous activities, encroachment detection.


Involved entities: 2MoRO Solutions, AeroDrones


Contact:  eva.randria@2moro.fr