COTS Discrete Event Simulation

Discrete Event Simulation software is well established in the armoury of tools used by large manufacturers to increase their efficiency and reduce their costs.  Two constraints that initially makes the tool less attractive to small and medium are the skills required to set up the simulation and the availability of appropriate computing power.  



This part of the CloudSME project removes both of these constraints by:

- Providing template based simulations for solving manufacturing logistics problems common to small and medium firms

- Makes the appropriate simulation technology resources available via the cloud as an SaaS with no set up time required from the small or medium firms.


Assembly line simulation Banking hall simulation


Manufacturing sectors:

- Small and Medium manufacturers of any products and engineering firms with sufficient commonality in their work to make them think about standard "processes".

- Logistics, engineering

- Automotive component manufacturers

- Oil/gas component manufacturers

- Small engineering and manufacturing sub-contractors


Involved entities: SIMUL8 Corporation, Saker Solutions. 

SIMUL8 Corporation develops, markets, and supports business simulation software that enhances the way people make and communicate decisions. 

Saker Solutions provides manufacturing and service customers with advice on choosing simulation products as well as training in simulation best practise and using simulation products such as flexsim simulation software or Witness Simulation software. Saker solutions also provides consulting services using simulationn products such as Witness Simulation software as a modelling tool to model business processes in manufacturing and service business.



- SIMUL8: Laura Reid,

- Saker Solutions: Shane Kite,