Cloud Resource Layer

Cloud Layer

CloudSME resources are either provided by beneficiaries or rented from commercial cloud offerings, such as Amazon Web Services. The amount of these cloud resources is sufficient to develop and test the proposed platform, and also to facilitate the production quality benchmarking of the developed demonstrators.

The project will not support the long term production level operation of the simulation services commissioned by the end-user SMEs. This production level long-term operation need to be based on commercial, private or community cloud resources outside the scope of the project, and need to be set up based on suggested business models developed inside the CloudSME project. However, the easy integration of these cloud resources is guaranteed by the cloud hardware independent design of the platform.

The cloud resources utilised for the development of the platform and the demonstrators are already operational at production level and provided by the beneficiaries (with the exception of external clouds such as Amazon). The offered resources are deliberately heterogeneous. The CloudSME Simulation Platform will be independent from the actual cloud middleware that manages the resources. Therefore, both open source (OpenNebula and OpenStack), and proprietary (CloudSigma, Amazon EC2 and IBM SmartCloud Enterprise) cloud middleware will be utilised.