2nd annual meeting


Dates: 24th - 26th June

Location: University of Zaragoza, Zaragoza (Spain)

Preliminary agenda: Download agenda here   


1)  Wednesday 24th June: Industrial Event


2) Thursday  25th June:

This day we will meet at BIFI. It is a very direct 20 min  journey by tram.

BIFI Headquarters
C/ Mariano Esquillor, Edificio I+D
50018 Zaragoza, Spain

* How to reach BIFI by tram:
- If you are in Palafox Hotel : 
Origin :  Plaza Aragón    Destination : Campus Río Ebro
( Direction:Avenida de la Academia - Parque Goya )
- If you are in Alfonso Hotel : 
Origin : Plaza España    Destination : Campus Río Ebro
( Direction:Avenida de la Academia - Parque Goya )
You can check tram timetables and fares in this link:
You can buy a single ticket for ~ 1,35€  at the machines in the tram stop. I think you have to validate it once you get on the tram.

 Meeting dinner
Fixed menu
Av/cesar Augusto, 16

3) Friday 26th June:

This day the meeting will be in the same building as the Industrial Event, but in the Pedro Cerbuna Room.

Edificio Paraninfo.Plaza Basilio Paraíso 4, 50004, Zaragoza (Spain)




We got 40 blocked rooms in two different hotels in the city center of Zaragoza. They are two very good hotels :  Palafox and Alfonso.

You can check their webpages.

Palafox: http://www.palafoxhoteles.com/en/hotel-palafox
Alfonso: http://www.palafoxhoteles.com/en/hotel-alfonso


** The price per night with breakfast and VAT included  is 66€

  If you like the options , the procedure to book will be:

1. Mail to my collegue Beatriz Antoli (bantoli@unizar.es )   and CC Rubén( rvalles@bifi.es )

2. In the mail you have to give us full name, nationality , day of arrival and day of departure,  order of preference between Palafox and Alfonso ( We will fill the rooms in FIFO order).

3. Once Beatriz has received your mail and confirmed availability , she will acknowledge you with you final hotel reservation.

4. The payment will be done by you at the hotel once you finish your stay.

**  Deadline for the booking is 22nd May.  If you do not contact us before that date we cannot ensure availability of rooms in that hotel, so please do it as soon as possible **

Should you have any further question, please do not hesitate to contact either Elisa or Rubén.